It became known that talking about the man unconscious drawings on paper

During a telephone conversation or long meetings people often begin to draw in front of their notepads and notebooks, received the unconscious patterns can reflect the personality of the person. This was told Fifth channel graphologist Anna Shadrova.

Spirals and wavy lines say that the person is not interested in other people's problems. He probably is experiencing a small crisis, and he should control his emotional state. A sun icon indicates that the man wants more than anything is friendship and tenderness, the grid — getting into an awkward position and a tendency to swallow the insult and irritation.

Images containing cross-shaped elements, drawing most women. It speaks of a sense of guilt that arose during the telephone conversation. Geometric shapes usually drawn by people who openly Express their point of view.

A lot about a person can tell what the picture plants.

Fans draw figures very busy looking for money. Those who draws a chess Board, can't find a place. Stars and sailboats, painted nothing else to do, indicative of an optimistic nature.