"Madhouse!": the Network protested sneakers Kirkorov for a million rubles

Singer Philip Kirkorov has published in instagram photo, showing off her new shoes from the collaboration Dior Air x Nike Jordan.

The musician in the photo shoots myself in the mirror, holding the shopping bag.

To pictures the by attached screenshot, which shows that initially the cost of a pair of such shoes was about 150 thousand roubles, however at the moment they sell it for one million rubles.

Some users felt sneakers unreasonably expensive.

"Why this collapse, bragging or someone fat furious," protested oxanaalexndrovna.

"Well done, Philip Bedrosovich, saved a pair of sneakers! I rescue cats and puppies" — said mirskaya_alevtina.

"Galoshes," said a user under the nickname levkov_063.

"Crazy what?" asked tatiana_pleshanova_.

"Will you stop bragging?" — asked the artist ka.tia5382.

"Madhouse! Sneakers for one million," said alekseevna055.

However, there were also those who praised the new shoes of the musician.

"Who is this beautiful?" — written by actor Stanislav Sadalsky.

"The most glamorous man in the world," admitted Ulyana82.

"Do not envy! No need to count other people's money!" — appealed to critics jorik_objorik151.

"Complete transformation," concluded bardina.al.p.