To the underground "Sports" in Minsk protesters arrive in riot gear

In the district of the Minsk metro station "Sportivnaya", where ongoing clashes between security forces and protesters continue to arrive of a group of youngsters, including protective gear, the correspondent of RIA Novosti.

Some of them helmets and protective elbow pads and knee pads, some are equipped with first aid kits. The majority without any protection. They explain their appearance in the area a desire to see what is happening and to Express their protest against the election results. Some come in cars and bikes.

There came a convoy of ten police vehicles. Police with the support of the internal troops and units "alpha" tries to disperse the crowd. Soldiers used rubber bullets and stun grenades, and tear gas.

Security forces used stun grenades and rubber bullets, trying to push the protesters down the street Pritytskogo from the city centre. In General, rioters in the area becomes smaller. From the scene leaving the ambulances and paddy wagons.

A kilometer from the metro station "Sportivnaya", in the area of Pushkinskaya square, on the eve of the outbreak of clashes of protesters with the security forces. In the evening they killed one of the rioters, it happened when the crowd erected barricades. To date, security forces from Pushkin square drove the rioters.

In another part of Minsk, near the supermarket "Riga", the security forces around midnight, is also dispersed the crowd of protesters.