Security forces pushed the protesters from Pushkin square in Minsk

Police with the support of the internal troops of Belarus ousted several hundred opposition supporters from the square near the metro station "Pushkinskaya" in Minsk, the correspondent of RIA Novosti.

A large group of protesters retreated toward the Sportivnaya metro station from the center of the street Pritytskogo.

The protesters tried to gain a foothold on the square, erecting barricades of trash cans and advertising structures, however, the riot police and internal troops, using rubber bullets, stun grenades and tear gas, don't let them do it.

The crews of the ambulance evacuation of wounded, also the place of work, the volunteer doctors. Local residents bring water to victims of tear gas.

The events of watching a large number of people, including motorists.

The area of Pushkinskaya square and the streets Pritytskogo is one of the places in the capital, where the clashes erupted with protesters by security forces. In the evening they killed one of the rioters, it happened when the crowd erected barricades.

In another part of Minsk, near the supermarket "Riga", the security forces around midnight to disperse the crowd of protesters.