In Spain tourists warned of counterfeit euros "from the movie"

Tourists in Spain are encouraged to check the Euro, as the country is awash with fake "money from the movie," reports the Express.

Police revealed that in the country there are counterfeit bills: the bills look real, but actually they are intended for use on screen by actors.

Law enforcement authorities warned that all tourists in Spain needs to double check their euros. Was revealed two of the gang arrested five people and seized counterfeit notes of different denomination, mostly five, ten, 20 and 50 euros. It is believed that the Internet was sold a fake 100000 euros.

They are still widespread in Spain. Notes are used in movies and advertising, but look authentic in design and size.

Usually they have a written warning, which States that "their use is illegal", but the warnings have been erased. The bills are also missing the protective strip and logos.

Police said that the gang was trying to sell them through the Internet advertising fakes as able to fool the testing machines in stores that is not true.