It turned out, how many coffee drinks per year the average Russian

The average Russian consumes 500 grams of organic coffee a year, while in Finland, the world leader in the consumption of the beverage, the figure is 11 pounds, said in an interview with RIA Novosti Director of marketing in Russia one of the largest coffee producers of the Finnish Paulig — Alexander Kopytov.

"The Russian market for Paulig strategically important because it is a growing market. Double-digit growth rates of consumption of natural coffee is simply nowhere else where we would work. The average Finn drinks about 11 pounds of coffee per year, we have around 500 grams per year, the growth potential of organic coffee as a category is still very large," — said the Agency interlocutor.

According to the forecast Kopytova, coffee consumption in Russia in the future may overtake the consumption of tea. "I guess this is in a sense a revolution, from the tea country, we become more coffee," says Kopytov.

According to him, the approximate share of Russia in the global turnover of 7-8%. "It seems that not very many, but the number is growing. If we talk about our business here, we are constantly fighting for first place in the market by value share (share in monetary terms) with our competitors," he said.