Named the new in-demand occupations

Every sixth company is waiting for the appearance of new professions in the next six to ten years, reported RIA Novosti Director of development systems of professional qualifications Institute of labour Irina Voloshin.

The emergence of new professions and updating the existing content associated with the modernization and development of the service sector and the widespread introduction of digital technologies, she said.

As shown by surveys conducted by the research Institute of labor, the emergence of new professions in the next six to ten years are expected by 16% of organisations. About a quarter of the respondents think that should change the requirements for workers in existing occupations. For example, today more and more doctors and lawyers used the possibilities of the new means of communication for remote consultation, but the content of their activities is not fundamentally changed, says the expert.

"The gradual development in the content of jobs and qualifications is in parallel with the development of the real sector of the economy. To track this process allows monitoring of changes of professions, taking into account industry specifics. And on the basis of the data corrected the lists of professions for vocational education. In this direction works research Institute of labour", — said Voloshin.

Thus, the development of Internet technologies has led to the emergence of new professions — integration specialist cloud applications, big data specialist. The introduction of new technologies in production and transport specialists in industrial robotics.

For example, a consequence of the introduction of automation and digitalization of railway transport was the emergence of a profession of the operator of the robotic system management of terminal and warehouse complex. Today, this process completely eliminated manual labor with automated systems specialist directs loading and unloading, prepares cargo, keeps a register.

Another example of a new profession in this area – the operator remote control of the motor-car rolling stock.

"It's a promising profession, which has now become a reality. Now unmanned locomotives operate only at the Moscow Central ring, but gradually they will displace the usual trains on other routes. The task of the operator is to control movement from the control center and, in the event of an emergency, to control the train remotely," — said Voloshin.

Another appeared recently, but already quite popular profession – operator of 3D-modeling. Such professionals are needed today in construction, medicine, engineering, aviation, publishing and other industries. And they must possess engineering skills, able to work in programs for volumetric three-dimensional image of the subject.

With the development of digitalization are updated almost every profession – it is hard to find an industry which would not have applied high technology. The emergence of new professions can be expected in different industries, but primarily in the rapidly developing such as nanotechnology, information and communication technology, power engineering, space-rocket industry, medicine and agriculture, says the expert.