Storm "of Chanmi" touches two of the Russian region

Originated above the waters of the Philippine sea, tropical storm "of Chanmi" (Jangmi) on 11 August will have a weak influence on the Primorye and August 12 will be released on Sakhalin, according to Primgidromet.

As noted by the head of Primgidromet Boris Kubay, whose words are reported, 10 August, the whirlwind will come to the Korean Peninsula.

"Topping the Korean Peninsula, on the night of August 11 will be released in the sea of Japan and one day will be over the southern Sakhalin. Thus, it can roughly repeat the trajectory of its previous counterpart, is quickly passing over the sea of Japan, in varying degrees of "hooking" the southern and Eastern part of Primorye territory, being energetically weaker, he can't bring down on the Primorye territory is the amount of rainfall the previous Typhoon," said the forecaster.

Last week, former Typhoon "Hagupit" brought in the districts of Primorye up to 80% of the monthly norm of rain and led to a rise in water level in the rivers of Primorye to 1.6 meters. After a whirlwind went to Sakhalin, where it was also noted heavy rains.