Trump promised to "substantially" to help Lebanon

The President of the United States Donald trump promised a "substantial" assistance to Lebanon.

"Many countries are going to help," trump said to reporters on Sunday. The US President participated in a meeting of the group leaders for assistance to Lebanon, which convened the President of France Emmanuel macron.

The question of how it will allocate the U.S., trump said, "This is important".

He recalled that the United States had previously sent to Beirut three military transport aircraft with.

A devastating explosion occurred on 4 August in the seaport area of Beirut near a base of the Navy of Lebanon. The blast had destroyed and damaged dozens of homes and cars, in many areas of the capital, glass was broken. According to local authorities, the cause of the explosion was the detonation of stored in the warehouse 2750 tons a confiscated customs services in 2014 ammonium nitrate. According to the latest figures, killed 158 people, more than 6 thousand were injured.