The police restricted the access of unauthorized actions in Minsk

Belarusian police restricts movement in the center of Minsk to the places where they held an unauthorized protest, the correspondent of RIA Novosti.

In particular, on the streets, which are adjacent to the Pobediteley Avenue and the streets Nemiga, crews are on duty traffic police, which do not allow cars to drive in the direction of the epicenter of events. Machine, turning the crew, pointedly honking, some drivers out of their cars and trying to argue with the traffic police. Passers-by, mostly young people, which many on the streets of Minsk to this time of day, support beeping motorists applause.

Novovilenskaya on the street is a row of Riot police in the special uniform that does not pass pedestrians.

According to the observations of the correspondent of RIA Novosti, the site of protests drove two carriages "first aid" and a paddy wagon.

An eyewitness told the news Agency that the streets Nemiga blocked by Riot police from several sides, there are many special vehicles. The spokesman, who introduced himself as Vladimir, told that despite the fact that he supports the incumbent President of Belarus Alexander Lukashenko, wanted to personally look at the action of the opposition. According to him, he couldn't do it because the area was used smoke bombs.

"Been a wall of suffocating gas, so I was forced to turn around," he said. He added that the people who managed to flee the area and whom he had met on the way, reported about the shooting at the legs of demonstrators with rubber bullets.

The press Secretary of the Belarus Ministry of internal Affairs Olga Chemodanova confirmed to RIA Novosti that the movement in the center of Minsk partially restricted.

"The police works in the strengthened mode, the situation is under control, is detained in Minsk and some regional centres, where the unauthorized rally," she said.