Washington extended the work site on election of the President of Belarus

The work of the polling station at the election of the President of Belarus in the country's Embassy in Washington it was decided to extend after the official closing at 20.00 local time (03.00 GMT), so that everyone could have time to vote, said one of the independent observers, working on the site.

"The Chairman of the Commission decided to extend the work phase until the vote of all who remain at the Embassy. Please note that vote will give those who are already standing and waiting for their turn at the Embassy," said an observer of the audience.

By day the building of the diplomatic mission were long queues, people had to wait more hours to cast your vote. Toward evening, the foremost noticeable will be diminished for half an hour before the polling station closed at the Embassy there are about 15 people who have not yet voted. A group of citizens who have already cast their votes, remain at the building of the diplomatic mission in anticipation of the announcement of exit poll, the audience occasionally shouting "Live Belarus".

On Sunday evening in a number of countries have embassies of Belarus have been spontaneous rallies unhappy that the Embassy had not heard the calls of voters to extend the vote to those who could not cast their votes due to the limited bandwidth on stations in connection with COVID-19. In particular, meetings were held in Moscow, St. Petersburg, Warsaw.