Tikhanovski appealed to the security forces and protesters

The candidate in presidents of Belarus Svetlana Tikhanovski applied to military, police and protesters, writes Sputnik of Belarus.

"I want to ask the police and the troops to remember that they are part of the people", — quotes the edition of its word in the Telegram channel.

She also called on their supporters to prevent provocations and not to give cause for violence.

"I know that the Belarusians will Wake up tomorrow in a new country and hope that tomorrow will be only good news. Please stop the violence. First of all, officers, I know you can do it," she said.

Belarus started mass protests after the presidential election, which is far ahead Alexander Lukashenko. In some cities, the police detained the protesters.

The tense situation in the capital. Law enforcement officers used water cannons, tear gas and stun grenades. There are victims. Clashes continue in different areas of the city.