In the center of Minsk dropped the military

A large number of Belarusian troops landed in the capital, told RIA Novosti.

They were poisoned to the place of confrontation between security forces and protesters on Prospekt Masherova.

According to preliminary data, Storojevsky the street came about 20 trucks with the military.

However later it became known that they managed to oust the activists from Masherov Avenue. To do this, the military used stun grenades. Now the police with loudspeakers urged them to go home.

In addition, in Minsk heard the sounds of helicopters. In different areas of the city continue to host various unauthorized actions.

Police restrict traffic in the centre of Minsk to the places where they held an unauthorized protest.

In various cities of the country began protests over the results of the voting in the elections, where with a big lead incumbent leader Alexander Lukashenko.