At the headquarters Tikhanovski fear that the authorities will blame the opposition for riots

Press Secretary of the candidate in presidents of Belarus Svetlana Tikhanovski Anna krasulina said that there are fears that the government decides to accuse his rivals in the presidential elections in the riots in Minsk.

"We understand that the government can impose such tomorrow. Power start violence, and always blame others", - Krasulin has told RIA Novosti.

She stressed that the headquarters of the Tikhanovski always talked about the legitimate nature of events.

"We are against violence," - said the spokesman.

She noted with regret that their actions against peaceful citizens who "went for a walk in the Park", the government has dashed the hopes of the Belarusians for peaceful change, and it was used during the electoral campaign headquarters Tikhanovski and her colleagues.

Answering a question, whether there is Tikhanovski safe now, Krasulin said that the candidate is located in the headquarters. "In Belarus is now no safe place," she added.