An Exit poll showed the victory at the elections Lukashenko 79.7% of the votes

. Incumbent President Alexander Lukashenko is leading in the elections in Belarus, showed the exit poll data.

He scores almost 80 percent, while Svetlana Tikhanovski – 6.8 percent.

Followed by Anna Konopacka (2.3 percent), Andrey Dmitriev and Sergey Caraceni (almost every cent).

Against all, as shown by the data of exit poll, voted by more than nine percent of the electorate.

As stated by the head of the CEC Lidziya Yarmoshyna, Lukashenka is a leader in all areas of the country, who reported on the counting of votes.

While the turnout was 84 per cent. The elections were recognized valid.

The Trustee Lukashenko Oleg Gaidukevich told RIA Novosti that this data is not unexpected.

"The President managed to consolidate not only its supporters but also people who have an alternative point of view," he said.

According to him, the slogan "let's get the power, and then we will understand," elections will never win.

In turn, colleagues of Svetlana Tikhanovski said that it had its own alternative calculation. According to them, for the candidate voted more than 80 percent of users of the platform "Voice".

She Tikhanovski, commenting on the findings of the Exit poll also said it was confident of victory.

She also called on the authorities "to recognize that the majority on the other side.


After the announcement of preliminary results in some cities began mass protests.

In Minsk, Brest and Vitebsk detention. In the capital the most heated situation. There police uses water cannons and tear gas to disperse activists. In the centre of the city was also rocked by powerful explosions. Apparently, it was a stun grenade.