The minorities of Russia

Championship in small numbers among the same name almost 50 of the peoples of Russia is camalli, there were only 24 people in 2010, to count them again to be during the national population census in 2021, told RIA Novosti in mediaofis census.

"In Dagestan and Chechnya was 24 people who consider themselves camalleri (or amalinze ed.), which belong to the Andean peoples of the Caucasus and sub-ethnic groups of the Avars. But in the nineteenth century there were at least 3 thousand 889 people compactly residing in 9 villages. These data showed Family census of the population of Dagestan, 1886. In the early XX century already the first all-Union census of 1926 identified 3 thousand 438 chamallow, and in 1967 they counted more than 4 thousand people", - told in the mediaofis.

Your nation is rare in the Leningrad region: 1 380 thousand Vepsians, the Izhors and 169 33 representative of the nation, the VOD lived here at the time of the 2010 census. Khabarovsk Krai – the native region of the Nanai that 91.7% of which (or 11 thousand 9 persons) was recorded in 2010 here. The neighborhood they were among Negidal 480, 2 thousand 149 Nivkhs, Oroch, 441, 621 2 thousand ulchis, 1 thousand 128 evens, Udege 620 and a number of indigenous ethnic groups of the far East.

International day of world's indigenous people celebrated on 9 August, Russia is home to more than 190 Nations. There are about 370 million indigenous peoples. It is 5% of the world population. As a rule, small people who live in small areas in native habitat.

In Russia are recognized as indigenous peoples living on the territories of traditional settlement of their ancestors, preserving a traditional lifestyle, managing and crafts, numbering less than 50 thousand people and recognize themselves as independent ethnic communities.

According to the last national population census 2010 in our country, 47 ethnic groups. In their composition includes 40 indigenous peoples of the North, Siberia, the Caucasus and the Far East. They are concentrated in more than 30 regions of Russia, more than 65% of them in rural areas – it is here especially cherish the tradition and life of ancestors.