The doctor has evaluated the threat of the spread of the new "deadly virus" from China

The doctor-the virologist Evgenia Tarasova comments in the "Evening Moscow" has predicted the occurrence of fever with thrombocytopenic syndrome.

As previously reported by the media, by SFTS virus in China has infected more than 60 people, seven died. A carrier of this infection are the ticks, but it can also be transmitted between people through blood or mucous. It was noted that patients with a cough, fever, decreased level of white blood cells and platelets.

The virologist said that the existing quarantine measures and closed borders minimize the probability that "the infection will move to Russia."

Earlier in Rospotrebnadzor said that in the country found no cases of severe fever with thrombocytopenic syndrome. The Ministry said that Russian experts know how to recognize the disease and, if necessary, will be able to counteract its spread. Virologist Anatoly Altstein, in turn, added that the fear of this epidemic should not be.