Politico: trump cursed at the major donor to his campaign

Influential Republicans are concerned about the possible financial consequences for the President of the United States Donald trump after he suddenly swore at the major donor to his election campaign Sheldon Adelson, reported Politico, citing sources.

According to him, 87-year-old Adelson called Trump to discuss support for the economy in terms of coronavirus. However, trump was a sharp rebuke Adelson for what he spends on his re-election is not enough money. Adelson in a dispute to engage did not, says Politico.

According to the newspaper, Adelson can donate to the Republicans a nine-digit sum that is more than $ 100 million.

Adelson is the largest international investor in the casino, his fortune is estimated at more than $ 30 billion.

Presidential elections will be held in the US on 3 November. Candidates from both parties will formally be announced at the upcoming August meetings, but today it is known that from the Republicans to challenge their right to a second presidency is the current President Donald trump, the Democrats nominated Joe Biden.