Trump announced the suspension of the payment of tax on wages up to the end of the year

The President of the United States Donald trump announced on Saturday at a press conference that took a number of steps to bypass Congress in order to support the economy.

According to him, he ordered to provide to the unemployed "more than $ 400 per week in the form of advanced payments". A quarter of these costs will have to pay the States.

"I declare tax holiday for the tax on salaries to those who earn less than 100 thousand dollars a year," added trump. According to him, these vacations will last either 1 September, or retroactively from August 1 until the end of the year. About 98% of Americans earn less than this amount.

"If I am reelected in November, I plan to make these tax breaks permanent, to forgive these taxes," added trump.

"We are also considering additional tax credits, including income tax and tax on capital gains," added trump.

He also said that he had ordered the suspension of evictions of non-payers of rent or mortgage. In addition, according to him, additional measures will be taken to alleviate the debt of students.

The white house and opposition Democrats in Congress are negotiating on a new package to support the economy in addition to the already approximately 3 trillion dollars that were previously allocated by Congress. The stumbling block is the matter of unemployment benefits in the amount of $ 600 per week, which operated from spring to August 1. Republicans and Democrats cannot agree on how to extend help.