Tikhanovski left the apartment before the elections for security reasons

The candidate on a post of the President of Belarus Svetlana Tikhanovski before the elections for security reasons left his Minsk apartment, is surrounded by supporters and journalists, I'll spend the night, told RIA Novosti on Saturday, the politician's press-Secretary Anna krasulina.

"Yes, she was forced to leave his apartment, just because there (near the house where she lives – ed.) has gathered a number of "Chiharu" (militiamen in civilian clothes – ed.), drove the minivan suspicious. And given that two of her closest aides, who in recent years for security purposes, beside her slept, insulated is the chief of staff Maria frost and confidant of Oleg Moiseev - not to leave her alone in this situation, its just to move to where ... we will all be able to protect her," said krasulina.

However, she refused to name the place where Tikhanovski, said only that the candidate plans to sit out all night, and this is the place "where a lot of people, there are journalists and some purely civilian protection is assured".

"Of course, less convenient than the house, but safer. Planning to sleep here," - said the Agency interlocutor.

Presidential elections in Belarus scheduled for August 9, Tuesday, started early voting. For the presidency claimed five people, the acting head of state Alexander Lukashenko is running for a sixth term. The campaign is accompanied by unauthorized protests and arrests of opposition members.