"Divorced, to the lay": Asmus published a "naked" photo

Actress Kristina Asmus posted in Instagram photo, where she poses naked in the bathroom.

"Divorced, to this picture to upload", — said ironically the actress in the caption to the picture.

Also Asmus accompanied the publication of the hashtag "opiscotiche", "karlsquell", "pocitadlo", "agentmediated" and others.

Social network users in the comments to the photo praised the originality of the hashtag, calling them "divine." One of the subscribers, under the name of the actress kosyakovgd noted that now "Garik (Kharlamov. — Approx. ed.) just have to put the same".

Divorce Christina Asmus and showman Garik Kharlamov became known in June. The couple has published in social networks posts about intention to terminate the relationship after seven years of marriage. They also stressed that the reason for the breakup was not the controversial film "Text" or third parties.