Named the maximum refreshing summer coffee

Maximum cheerfulness in the hot season you can extract from a special variety of coffee, nitro coffee. How is it different from the classic version and why not everyone can drink it, told in an interview to radio Sputnik coffee blogger Olga Ignatieva.

Nitro coffee is a kind coffee with the addition of nitrogen. The use of cooking strong coffee, cold brewing, which is saturated with an inert gas through the equipment which is used in beer industry. This is done to improve the taste characteristics of the drink and give it a special texture, which is typical of bottles of beer, said Olga Ignatieva.

Nitro coffee can be considered one of the most refreshing varieties of this popular beverage. Like the fortress gives a unique feeling, but also imposes a number of restrictions on who and when it can be used.

"The only disadvantage of this drink is a very high concentration of caffeine. If you drink 200 milliliters of nitro coffee, this will strongly affect the nervous system. The caffeine content in this drink is very high. In the evening, he should not drink, you fall asleep. In the morning you can drink, but I would recommend just a small portion of the drink. If you're shaking from caffeine, it is not a very comfortable state," – said Olga Ignatieva in an interview with radio Sputnik.

Nitro coffee is contraindicated for people with a weak nervous system and heart problems. Caffeine can cause side effects, including anxiety, arrhythmia, headaches and high blood pressure.