The Taliban told who was behind the reports of "collusion" with Russia

In the publications of "bribing" Russian Taliban is not a word of truth, it is part of a campaign launched by the opponents of the peace process in Afghanistan, said in an interview with RIA Novosti the official representative of the political office of radical movement "Taliban" Suhail Shaheen.

He said that "erroneous and unsubstantiated information has been transferred to Kabul the Department of homeland security some American and European journalists", to "sabotage the peace process".

Previously, the newspaper New York Times published an article alleging that a Russian military intelligence allegedly encouraged the Taliban for money attacks on troops of the international coalition in Afghanistan.

After the material publication of the New York Times the Russian Embassy in Washington said that because of this false article appeared in social networks appeals "to settle scores with the Russians." Information about the threats, the diplomats handed over to US law enforcement agencies and the state Department.

The foreign Ministry called the article a fake, and foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov has linked the charges with the internal political struggle before the elections in the United States.

The US President Donald trump, in turn, called the article "paid" and reported that American intelligence did not consider information the New York Times credible. The Pentagon also said that it has no evidence of "collusion".