Avtoekspert told how to properly use the climate control

People who buy cars with climate control, very often do not use all of its features. What, said in an interview with radio Sputnik chief editor of the magazine "auto review" Leonid Golovanov.

In hot weather the car can not do without cooling. In modern vehicles most often used manual air conditioning and automatic climate-control, said Leonid Golovanov. In an interview with radio Sputnik avtoekspert warned that in different machines, the climate control works differently.

To use all the features climate control, turn on automatic mode.

"The first thing to do in the car with the climate control is turn the button to "auto" and try to live with him, no touching, to expose only the desired temperature. In the car with a good climate control should be neither cold nor hot nor stuffy, he must do everything himself," – told radio Sputnik Leonid Golovanov.

Avtoekspert explained why many motorists continue to manually adjust the fan speed and air distribution.

"This can happen because of two reasons. Either the climate control is really bad, and the automation does not handle all relevant situations. Either the person just has no idea what he bought, and doesn't trust the automation" – says Leonid Golovanov.