The Ambassador called the detention of Russians in Belarus is a provocation of a third country

There are facts confirming that the arrest in Belarus 33 Russians — organized from a third country provocation designed to complicate relations between Moscow and Minsk in the period of preparation for elections of the President of Belarus, said the Ambassador of Russia Dmitry Mezentsev.

According to the diplomat, "in the circumstances, the Belarusian law enforcers straightforward and harshly reacted to the presence of this group on the territory of the Republic, not having all completeness of the information, and, unfortunately, without collaboration with Russian colleagues".

Mezentsev expressed confidence that the test, which began the Investigative Committee of Russia, will confirm the nature of the "massive Scam" that involved detainees. "According to the organizers from abroad, the action was intended to damage the multi-faceted cooperation, special relations between our countries", - he said.

According to the Ambassador, "fair and justified in this situation would be the imminent release of the Russians and giving them the opportunity to return home." However, he assured that Russia "will not allow themselves to steps that can contribute to violation of public order and the rule of law, increased tension in the brotherly Belarus, especially in the election period."

Mezentsev also said that the Consulate's staff on Thursday and Friday held meetings with detainees, which, he said, "still do not understand the reasons for his detention, as indicted in the preparation for participation in mass riots".

The diplomat said that the regime of detention in Belarus Russians has improved, they do not Express grievances, including the investigation.

Belarusian authorities on 29 July announced the arrest of 33 Russian citizens. They are suspected of preparing mass riots in the Republic. In this case also pass local opposition Statkevich Sergei tikhanovski, whose wife Svetlana is running for President.

The Russian foreign Ministry said that the group with all necessary documents followed in Istanbul in transit through Minsk, the logistics was provided by the Belarusian company. Interpretation of the situation by the Belarusian side diplomats called "odious" and not withstand any criticism.

On Friday, the "Komsomolskaya Pravda" citing a source in the Russian security services, wrote that the arrest of 33 of Russians in Belarus provoked the security services of Ukraine, and in the process of finding a group of people some "curators" was posing as employees of "Rosneft" and talked about finding guards for the oil company's facilities abroad.

On the same day the leaders of Russia and Belarus Vladimir Putin and Alexander Lukashenko discussed by telephone the situation with the detention of 33 Russians. As told in the Kremlin, the heads of state expressed confidence that the situation will resolve in a spirit of understanding.

In turn, in Minsk said that the presidents agreed objectively and carefully examine each existing fact to establish the true causes of the situation, to identify those responsible and bring them to justice.