In Minsk have detained participants of the opposition race

In Minsk there took place the detention of participants of Bicycle race of "solidarity", which was organized on Friday evening the Belarusian opposition, according to the website not registered by the authorities human rights center "Viasna".

On Friday, in social networks there were calls to hold a protest against the policies of the current authorities by organizing flash-mobs. So, motorists were offered at 19.00 (same as GMT) to leave on the Central city streets, honk and turn on the song of Viktor Tsoi "Change". In Minsk, the epicenter of protest became Independence Avenue, the traffic police even had to limit movement on it. The second flash mob was supposed to exit around the same time from different points of the Minsk groups of velosipedistov that cruised around the city.

"On the evening of 7 August in Minsk detained participants of the traditional Cycling solidarity. It is known that the arrest involved not only the police, but also military", - stated in the message of defenders. There it is specified that the mass detentions of about 22 .00 happened in the metro stations Academy of Sciences and Victory Square. "Cyclists are detained together with bicycles," the report States.

Defenders of the "Spring" already know the name of the detainee: near the metro station Victory Square detained Vladislav Locates. Others are specified.

In social networks began to appear live witnesses, who, in particular, took a video of riot police on the move detain a few cyclists. In addition, in social networks there was video, which shows two ambulances and doctors who assist lying on the ground man. It is reported that this party shares in respect of which during the detention, was to use physical force.

Presidential elections in Belarus scheduled for 9 August. To this post to claim five people. Incumbent President Alexander Lukashenko, who rules the country unchallenged for 26 years, is running for his sixth term. The election campaign is accompanied by unauthorized protests and arrests of opposition members.