Named the most resentful and vindictive, and the signs of the zodiac

Writer and expert on astrology Christina Schönwald called signs of the zodiac, which more than others are offended by others and can't let go of the situation, according to YourTango.

According to Schönwald, for example, never forget and never stop thinking about revenge, if you once insulted or humiliated.

Expert astrology advise to remember how passionate they are, and imagine how feelings turn into negative energy directed at you. Scorpions are very difficult to get excused, or at least a little indulgence. But to pretend that you didn't do what he thinks the Scorpion will not help you, because they most hate liars.

If you hurt , he will not regret time and effort there's a scroll in my head. Christina Schönwald stresses: unlike Scorpions, they don't crave to the extent of reckoning, but every time you interact with them Taurus in the smallest details remembers every perfect your mistake or error. So if you tried to hurt their self esteem or happiness, will forever occupy a place in the "black list".

According to the expert, unable to forgive the offenders, if not associated with their career or with what holds for the representatives of this sign of special significance. But if you scold them before the authorities or made to look silly in front of someone they wanted to impress, Capricorns will never forgive you and someday I will have my revenge.

In many people's lives, so if you do something bad to them, especially if it will affect their self esteem, they will simply exclude you from their environment. However, though it is difficult, but to win favor of the representative of this sign possible.

Which is good , so that's what they'll tell you if you made them angry or upset. But if you will not do anything to correct their mistake, they'll never forget. Aries will a cute smile and behave friendly. But when you least expect it - the Rams will punish you. As soon as the representatives of this sign will feel better, it is possible that they can take you in your life, but probably never will trust you.

Strange to see this list such a balanced and harmonious sign of the zodiac, as . However, they are also fans hold a grudge. Most likely, you will know about it, as Libra hate clashes and conflicts.

Representatives of this sign will likely not want to cause you physical pain, but can do something stupid, like break your favorite teapot or delete all of your photos. If they will not release the negative emotions, you can't keep them inside.

Christina Schönwald said that the rest of the zodiac: Gemini, Virgo, Pisces, Cancers, Sagittarius and Aquarius - also tend to be offended. However, unlike the others, they quickly let go of the situation and don't think about revenge.