Fans of Britney Spears have discovered a new signal on her page

Fans of Britney Spears again began to worry for her well being after the singer posted several publications, which, in their opinion, she takes the secret signs help.

So, in one of the photos, the singer poses in crop top yellow. Previously, some users wrote in comments that if she needs help - even trying to post something in that shade.

"We hear you, Britney", – addressed to the singer indiana_mama.

"Yellow – code", – said shaydasfit.

"She's back in a yellow blouse," – said kpgillespie76.

After that Britney Spears has posted another post. This time the banner was bright yellow that says all values of that hue. Thus the pop star tried to explain why it loves yellow.

However, fans continued to push conspiracy theories: "This is a sign that we were waiting for?", "She sends us signals, We can hear you", "this list says nothing about freedom", "It looks like a distress signal".

Despite thousands of such reviews, Britney Spears, neither one of them did not respond, so it is unclear whether she is in danger, or is it all just hype. Some users have suggested that the singer is not even your Instagram.

Such conversations arose after the father of Britney spears, James Spears, became her guardian in 2008. Then he got the right to control and conduct all the Affairs of his daughter, including financial.

Concerned fans organized in a Network movement #FreeBritney. Under this hashtag you can find thousands of publications with words of support and questions about whether all is in order at the American stars.