The band BTS has announced the release of a new documentary film

Members of South Korean group BTS has announced the release of the new documentary Break the Silence: The Movie. The film will be released in cinemas in the US on September 24, according to NME

The film will focus on their first international concert tour Love Yourself: Speak for Yourself, which was held last year. Then the musicians gave concerts in USA, Europe and Asia.

The release says that in Break the Silence: The Movie, the singers will share their personal stories, which they have never before voiced, and the audience will be able to see each of the participants behind the scenes.

The film's Director Pak Jung soo, who created the previous documentaries about BTS: Burn the Stage:The Movie ("light a scene: the Movie"), which came out in 2018 year, and Bring the Soul: The Movie ("you Open your soul. Movie"), represented in 2019 year.

Earlier it became known that on 21 August Italy will release their English single, Dynamite, was prepared specifically for the fandom army.