In the UK, the owners found the missing cat after 12 years

The family of Davis of the County of greater Manchester found his missing cat 12 years later, reports The Guardian.

A cat named Georgie went missing in one of the holidays that the family decided to spend on the shores of Loch Lomond in Scotland in 2008. The cat ran away and never came back. And only now, blagodarya microchip, the owners received a notification that it found.

All these years Georgie had lived in the reserve of Queen Elizabeth in Scotland, where she was looked after by the local employees. A cat fell in love with all the campers. When the quarantine because of the coronavirus, one employee brought it to the center for homeless animals. Already there is staff on the microchip came to her owners. It turned out that they live about four hours drive from the reserve in Rochdale.

Davisi was shocked by the news of the found after all these years her favorite.

"My first thought was to jump in the car and immediately rush for Georgie, but we have already in the house lives one adult cat. When I spoke with the staff of the center, I realized that our life today is absolutely not suitable Georgie: she does not like other animals she needs a lot of space. Very sorry, but after all this time we will not be able to join" — said Amy Davies.

Now Georgie will be looking for a new home.