The atomic bombing of Nagasaki 9 August 1945

The city of Nagasaki is situated on the West of the island of Kyushu in Japan and is the administrative centre of the homonymous Prefecture. The city arose on the site of the fishing village, and was one of the main points you used contacts of Japan with foreign countries. During the isolation period of Japan, Nagasaki was the only port through which conducted limited trade with the Dutch and Chinese.

With the beginning of world war II, Nagasaki is not only not lost its significance as a major sea port, but also gained the important military significance because of the many industries operating in the city, first of all, shipbuilding, weapons and steel factories.

Nagasaki was located in two valleys, through which flowed two rivers. A mountain range separated the residential and industrial areas. It was he who led to chaotic building of Nagasaki that was built up less than 4 square miles of the total area of the city of 35 square miles.

Nagasaki many years has developed without a coherent plan and therefore a residential building and factory buildings along the industrial valley were next to each other as close as possible. On the same street was located on the South side steel mill and Mitsubishi shipyard the same company and the North – torpedo shops Mitsubishi – Urakami.

The main business and residential areas were situated on a small plain near the edge of the Bay.

Nagasaki had never been subjected to large scale bombing prior to the explosion of the atomic bomb.

However, on 1 August 1945 there were dropped several high-explosive bombs. Some of these bombs hit in the shipyards and docks of the South-Western part of the city. A few were in the steel and arms factories Mitsubishi in Medical school and hospital. Although the destruction from the attack was relatively small, they have caused considerable concern in the city and some people, mainly schoolchildren, were evacuated to rural areas