In Morocco, the fishermen found in the ocean a message in a bottle from Schoolgirls from USA

In Morocco, the fishermen pulled from the ocean a bottle with a message from Schoolgirls from North Carolina, reports the Independent Tribune.

The letter traveled over four thousand miles across the Atlantic ocean.

Vivian Byerly, student of the third grade school in Greensboro, sent him in April 2019. "If you find this message, let us," she wrote, putting the email address of the school and drawing a ship.

Her classmates otpravili the same message. It was part of the task in the lesson which studied the powerful undercurrent of the Gulf stream.

One of the bottles was found by fishermen near Greensboro. And then the teacher received an e-mail from Morocco.

It said that the bottle caught residents Guelmim. In the letter were photos of the fisherman who found her and his nephew, who translated the message from English.

Students responded to this letter and received additional information about the journey of his message.