How dangerous is expired tea

What happens to tea when it is stored too long, said in an interview with radio Sputnik agronomist, specialist on agriculture Vladimir Vikulov.

Each product has its own expiration date. Some products are stored for years, others may deteriorate after a few days. All the tea depends on its type, said Vladimir Vikulov. In an interview with radio Sputnik agronomist explained that the tea improves over time your taste, and regular leaf tea, on the contrary, loses its beneficial properties.

The tea itself is quite vulnerable product, said Vladimir Vikulov. He's very sensitive to smells, humidity, the presence of various substances around him.

"When storing tea at home, it is desirable to provide sealing. Containers must be ceramic, glass, in the worst case metal. For a short time, several weeks can be stored in solid containers. If possible keep the purchase in vacuum packing, it will increase the shelf life," – said in an interview with radio Sputnik Vladimir Vikulov.

Agronomist explained what was going on with tea after the expiration date.

"Comes the oxidation process, vitamins are destroyed, evaporate the essential oil, fragrance. The tea is of poor quality. Turns out, after a year of storage remains a tea drink, but benefit from it quite a bit," – said Vladimir Vikulov.