The doctor called unexpected danger of visiting bath

Surgeon Dmitry Dementyev told the TV channel "Russia 1" that a visit to the baths can be dangerous for eye health.

"A lot of people sometimes can have problems such as the violation of vascular tone or violation vegetatie, up to a hypertensive crisis" - warned the doctor.

According to him, the high temperature in the steam room can trigger a person with abnormalities of the spasm of the vessel in the brain and poor circulation in the retinal vessels.

In addition, being in the bath in some people can cause acute attack of glaucoma that can lead to almost immediate loss of vision. "Therefore, people that have glaucoma, anatomical narrowing of the parameters of intraocular, better bath not walk or walk very carefully," said the ophthalmologist.

Also visit the baths may lead to swelling of the cornea, continued Dementiev. "If you have any chronic diseases of the cornea – keratitis, blepharitis, or even on the eyelids, conjunctivitis, a bath may cause further development of disease," he explained.

Being in a bath may also cause cataracts and atrophy of the optic nerve, indicated by the ophthalmologist. According to him, in the presence of vision problems to go to the bath with caution.