Resolved dispute lovers of melons and watermelons

The traditional struggle for the title of the main summer treats Russians between melon and watermelon do not make sense, because these products should be in different categories, told radio Sputnik nutritionist and Professor of FMBA of Russia Margarita Queen.

From the point of view of dietetics and nutrition watermelon is quite possible to use as a summer snack, but the melon – no, explains radio Sputnik Margarita Queen.

Melon, on the contrary, should not act as a snack or dessert. Its use together with other products lead to weight gain.

"It is necessary to eat the melon as far as possible from other meals. It should be a standalone product. It will give you a taste and will give you impressions. But I don't recommend this product to people with impaired carbohydrate metabolism and tendency to weight gain. One does not diminish the nutritional value of melons, but she has a glycemic index higher than that of the watermelon, and the response of the body that people gain weight if there is a melon along with other products," explained nutritionist in an interview with radio Sputnik.