Britney Spears scared of fans of the strange dance

American singer Britney Spears has posted a video in a revealing outfit and frightened fans with his strange dance. The video appeared on Instagram of the singer.

In the frames of Spears dancing in a black sports bra that bares her belly, and short green shorts. Hair of the singer disbanded the eyes apply makeup in the style of Smoky Eyes.

Members celebrity was puzzled by her behavior and appearance. "Girl, are you all right? I'm worried," "She looks weird and lost, You definitely don't need any help?", wrote the commenters under the post.

The video has gained over half a million views.

Earlier, the pop diva has placed in the Instagram video, which demonstrates the strange dance that was invented.

Under the hit Nelly Furtado "Say it Right" (2006) and track Billy Eilis "I Love You" singer takes the movement, something reminiscent of Oriental dance: she twirls hips, spinning and waving his arms. However, many people, this "freestyle" from the winner of the award "Grammy" only laugh.

In February of this year, Britney Spears during the execution of another such dance fell and hurt his leg, said followers in Instagram. According to the singer, after that she danced for six months

After her father James Spears has been Britney's guardian in 2008 and received the right to control and conduct all its Affairs, including financial, in the network appeared the movement #FreeBritney. Under this hashtag you can find thousands of posts from fans with words of support and questions about whether all is in order, the singer.