Prigogine questioned the possibility to live on 50 thousand roubles a month

Producer Joseph Prigogine said in an interview with "Fifth channel" in a month spends at least a half to two million rubles, while noting that is not as the stars of show business can live on 50 thousand.

The producer commented on the statement of a number of stars of show-business, in particular, Laysan Utyasheva and Nikita Dzhigurda, the willingness to live a month on 50 thousand roubles.

"Given that I'm doing as a producer, I need not one million. Because I invest my own money in art, artists, music, videos. I believe that people who say that in a month you can live to 30-50 thousand rubles, they are evil," — said Prigogine.

According to him, with much smaller incomes could not dream of a Swiss education for children and decent clips for his wife, singer Valeria.

"I'm a man, working since 12 years, can't afford to stay in the area of earning 50 thousand rubles. I do not agree that the money can live. The people who give these comments, they do not live on 50 thousand roubles, it is impossible to fly the money to Spain to buy a house. It's a legend!" the producer added.

Thus Prigogine said that raising six children and had to have a lot of relatives. "I wish I had the money (50 thousand. – approx. ed.) is not enough. I have less than a half to two million is simply impossible. I physically just can't," he concluded.