Ex-spy accused of a Saudi Prince in an attempt to kill him

A former senior employee of the intelligence services of Saudi Arabia Saad al-Jabri claims in the lawsuit in a U.S. court that the crown Prince of Saudi Arabia Mohammed bin Salman tried to kill him.

Sent assassins came to Canada, where he lives al-Jabri, with two suitcases postmortem instruments, said in a lawsuit. In advance of the attempt was prevented by canadian law enforcement. It happened less than two weeks after the murder of journalist Jamal Casucci in the Saudi Consulate in Istanbul, said in a lawsuit. Saudi Arabia has denied any involvement of the crown Prince to murder Galucci, whose body was dismembered with the help of post mortem instruments.

The plaintiff says that he for decades was aware of the information discrediting the Prince and also enjoyed the confidence of the American intelligence services and closely worked with them. These two factors have forced Mohammed to try to kill him, says al-Jabri.

Al-Jabri results in screenshots of correspondence in Arabic with a man who, according to him, is Mohammed bin Salman. Correspondence dated 2017. The interlocutor asks al-Jabri as soon as possible to return to the territory of the Kingdom in order to tell him some confidential information. When al-Jabri said that he should settle their Affairs abroad, the caller asked him to come back in 24 hours.

"You have two choices. The first is to return to the Kingdom. Second, we will pursue you through legal channels and using all available methods", - said the interlocutor of al-Jabri.

The plaintiff demands damages.

The prospects of the claim are unclear - American courts usually come from the so-called principle of sovereign immunity, under which, actions of foreign officials are not subject to review in U.S. courts. In addition, al-Jabri need to justify the jurisdiction of the us court for the alleged illegal activity was to take place on American soil, or to affect American citizens.