In Crimea, appreciated the words of Lukashenko about Ukraine's unwillingness to fight for the Peninsula

The head of Committee of the Crimean Parliament's public diplomacy and international relations Yuriy gempel called absurd the words of the Belarusian President Alexander Lukashenko that Ukraine's place he would have fought for Crimea in 2014.

Earlier, Lukashenko in an interview with "visiting Dmitry Gordon" said that Ukraine has lost Crimea, because she "had no power and the desire to protect your piece of land." According to him, Kiev authorities are careless, clueless belonged to the territory and reacted to the Crimea. Lukashenko said that the Ukrainian authorities would fight for the Crimea, and added that Ukraine had to lead the armed forces across the country in the degree of increased combat readiness.

"Crimeans expect from Lukashenko, as President of the brotherly people and state recognition of Russian status of Crimea and understanding of the historical election of Crimeans and the answer was far from friendly rhetoric. Lukashenko did not justify the hopes of the Crimean people. Such statements are absurd, as, in fact, they are encouraged to fight for territory against the nation and its peaceful and civilized choice", - told RIA Novosti HEMPEL.

HEMPEL said that Lukashenko is to visit the Crimea, before making such a rash and frivolous statements.