KP: detained in Minsk were victims of a provocation of special services of Ukraine

33 detention of Russians in Belarus provoked the security services of Ukraine, writes "Komsomolskaya Pravda" citing a source in the Russian special services.

The Belarusian authorities announced on July 29 on the arrest of 33 Russian citizens, who, according to them are "militants" private military company. SK of Belarus clarified that the detainees are suspected of preparing mass riots in the Republic. Thus, according to intelligence services, previously information was received of the arrival in Belarus ", more than 200 militants to destabilize the situation during the election campaign." The Russian foreign Ministry stressed that odious interpretation of the Belarusian party of detention of Russians do not stand up to scrutiny, and called for an end to whipping up unnecessary negative emotions.

"The arrest of 33 of Russians in Minsk was a provocation of special services of Ukraine", - writes the edition.

It is alleged that some "curators", posing as employees of "Rosneft", looking among former members of the PMC "Wagner" people for the protection of oil installations abroad. The publication writes that a former member of the fighting in the Donbass Artem Milyaev with the call sign "Shaman" volunteered to help in this, he had to find 180 people.

The paper argues that future work these people were called the alleged projects of "Rosneft", and go they had in Venezuela. KP says that they were divided into five groups, and first had to move to Minsk on July 24.

"In the first game - "Shaman" - were mostly people who had previously Ukrainian citizenship and war in the Donbass. It is joined by Andrew bakunovich, which was already in Minsk," the article says.

The newspaper writes that on 25 July the group had to fly on the route Istanbul - Havana – Caracas, "Shaman" received copies of the tickets, which, as it turned out later, was bought in Ukraine.

"While the group of "Shaman" were going to go, their tickets to Istanbul was cancelled and rebooked on July 30. What travelers are known to not even put. However, while the squad was traveling from Moscow to Minsk, booking for most of its members were terminated and on 30 th day", - stated in the material.

Added on 25 July, "Shaman" still reported the cancellation and postponement of the flight on 30 July, giving instructions to destroy the old tickets. "Breaking the tickets, the Russians thus destroyed important evidence, the thread from which would be in Lviv and Kiev, somewhere to the building of SBU", - is spoken in article.

The newspaper notes that then on July 29 a group of "Shaman" detained Belarusian law enforcers, and was separately detained bakunovich. KP attributes this to the fact that "Minsk had a list of "passengers" from Kiev", and suggests that the Belarusian special services were in close contact with the Ukrainian, having received information from them about the arrival of "saboteurs".

"In the end we can say that the Ukrainian special services managed to create a fake project which involved 180 citizens of Russia, thus enabling the first group of veterans of the war in the Donbass... the Whole operation of the SBU, it seems, had intended to kill with one shot several birds with one stone - the ever-present, dreadful and terrible PMC "Wagner", the rebound was intended to hurt Rosneft as one of the largest Russian companies, but the main attack is undoubtedly at the Russian-Belarusian relations. Not to mention the possible extradition of Russian citizens to Ukraine, which Kiev would be very happy", - writes the edition.

KP notes that the materials in this "special operation" submitted to the Investigative Committee.