After the explosion in Beirut arrested 16 people

In the case of the blast in Beirut security forces arrested 16 employees of the port, reported the National news Agency of Lebanon, the representative of the military court, acting judge Fadi Akiki.

According to Lebanese media, a special Commission of the Central Bank of the country in combating money laundering ordered to freeze all Bank accounts of the leadership of the state customs and the port.

A powerful explosion occurred near the port of Beirut on the evening of 4 August.

According to the authorities of Lebanon, the cause was improper storage 2750 tons of ammonium nitrate.

Half of the buildings in the city is corrupt, the hospitals are overwhelmed.

According to the latest figures, killed 137 people, including rescuers working at the crash site, and aliens. Injured more than five thousand. Many are still missing.

Countries have offered assistance to Lebanon. Russia has sent to the middle Eastern country a mobile hospital and laboratory, and about 150 experts and rescuers.