Lukashenko about life without the presidency: "what to do in the morning?"

President of Belarus Alexander Lukashenko said that being President is a way of life, else he is not, but memoir writing is not lazy.

Elections in Belarus scheduled for August 9 at the highest state post claimed five people, including Lukashenka, who is running for a sixth term.

"No. I don't know another way of life. It's very hard, believe me, it's "hamster wheel". But I would like to quit, if I knew something else. But I'm in this life all the time, this is my way of life. So I thought about it. I can't even imagine. Well, I'm not the President. And what to do in the morning? I can't even imagine. Well, imagine my whole life in this, the entire life of 38 years," - said Lukashenko in an interview with journalist Dmitry Gordon, responding to a question, don't want him to drop everything and live for yourself. Video posted on Thursday on channel journalist in YouTube.

However, he said, most likely, will not write his memoirs.

"Apparently not, firstly, I'm lazy in this regard. I don't like to write. I thought about it, but perhaps my view will change when I can do nothing and something will scrape, but most of all, I thesis going to throw and someone will ask them to write," - said Lukashenko, responding to a question whether he intended to write a memoir.

"But especially to publish the book and get the money - no," - he added.