The Director of "the Matrix" has confirmed that the trilogy is devoted to transgender people

American film Director and screenwriter Lilli Wachowski, who created together with his sister Lana movies "the Matrix," in an interview with the Netflix Film Club has confirmed the theory of fans that their sci-Fi trilogy devoted to transgenderism and gender identity, reports the Independent.

Because in 2012 and 2016 sister Wachowski's did coming out about my transgenderism, many fans of the franchise have started to look at the fighters all sorts of metaphors and "Easter eggs" associated with transsexuality has.

Among the most popular versions of the idea that the anxiety experienced by Neo (Keanu Reeves), struggling with his own mind, really – a metaphor for "gender dysphoria". And the famous "red pill", allowing the protagonist to see the reality for what it is, is associated with hormonal therapy.

Now Lilli Wachowski confirmed all of this and explained that their "original intent" was that the film was "the allegory of gender identity."

She also recalled the Switch (Belinda Mcclory) – character from the first film who worked with Morpheus (Lawrence Fishburne). It turned out that he, too, is associated with transsexuality has. So, in the fictional world of "the Matrix" he is not accidentally become a woman, but in reality the man is.

In the Independent recalled that recently sister Wachowski has resumed the shooting of the fourth part of "the Matrix", once in March, the film production was suspended due to a pandemic coronavirus.