Leading Kamchatka, which became known because of the laughter in the air, resigned

Journalist of GTRK "Kamchatka" (branch VGTRK) Alexander Novikov, who became famous after the video where she can't hold back the laughter, talking about the value of payments to beneficiaries, told RIA Novosti that she had to leave. She noted that this decision was made after it organized a rally in support of protesters in Khabarovsk.

In February of this year in the Internet appeared the video, recorded on STRC "Kamchatka", during the preparation of the plot about the benefits for the Russians. The journalist could not hold back the laughter, listing the amounts, which after such indexing you will spend on a ticket to a sanatorium and international travel. Then the Director of broadcasting company has told RIA Novosti that the woman interviewed, she continues to work and the local branch of the Union of journalists of Russia has called the laughter of the journalist "normal live response."

On his page in Instagram she said she does not regret the decision.

A small rally organized by the journalist after the beginning of actions in support eks-Governor Sergey Furgala in Khabarovsk, was held in Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky in July.

Furgala is suspected of involvement in organized crime groups and custom-made murders of businessmen in the early 2000-ies. He is in prison Lefortovo, pleads not guilty. The President of Russia Vladimir Putin on 20 July sent in his resignation in connection with loss of trust.