Sadalsky said about the "death" of the theater "Contemporary"

. Actor Stanislav Sadalsky said that for him the Theater "Contemporary" in its previous form, "died" immediately after the death of the artistic Director Galina Volchek. This opinion he expressed in an interview Teleprogramma.pro.

According to the actor, today, in this theatre there is no such leader who could be compared with Volcheck. This is the reason of scandals in the "Contemporary" with the subsequent care of his artists, says Sadalsky.

Scandal in the "contemporary" broke out because of an open letter in which the actor Sergei Garmash announced his retirement from theater because of disagreement with the new leadership. In his opinion, the new artistic Director Victor Ryzhakov has violated the covenants of Galina Volchek, turning it into a "fashionable place".

Galina Volchek, died 26 December 2019. She was 86 years old.