The media revealed details of the beating Ukrainian top model with her Turkish boyfriend

Ukrainian top model Daria Kirilyuk, complained about the beating by the guards on the beach in Turkey, could suffer at the hands of a young man, about it reports the edition Strana.ua citing a source in the Turkish law enforcement.

As said the interlocutor of the edition, the young man Kirilyuk, a native of Turkey, an American citizen Sheep Gunesh allegedly jealous Ukrainian woman to a wealthy oil magnate from one of the Arab countries.

According to him, the girl on the day of the incident actually came into conflict with the guests of the beach club Momo, a scuffle ensued. Guards club, reanimatie the fighting, was hit several times Kirilyuk and put her out of the room, said a source in the Turkish police.

"But then the brawl continued in the street, the model hit her boyfriend under the hot hand. There is a witness who saw the girl was beaten by her boyfriend. The most serious beatings caused the girl himself, but in a police statement, the model is silent, and claims that she was brutally beaten by club security guards," - said the source publication.

Earlier Kirilyuk wrote on instagram that he became the victim of an attack of security guards on the beach Momo. According to her, was only beaten by four girls. The administration has stated that the incident occurred outside its territory and its employees have no relation to him. The beach where, presumably, there was a beating Kirilyuk, closed for 15 days.