The nutritionist told me what oil to choose for cooking

Use butter for frying can be dangerous. This was told in an interview to radio Sputnik gastroenterologist, nutritionist, candidate of medical Sciences Irina Berezhnaya.

Frying is best on a dry pan or on the grill. But many prefer to do it in butter. If fresh it is safe for frying it is better not to use, said in an interview with radio Sputnik nutritionist Irina Berezhnaya.

For cooking you can use bacon, but it is not the best choice, noted nutritionist.

"Fat – the product is very interesting in its structure, also has no negative influence on cholesterol metabolism. It can be used for cooking, but prolonged use and high temperatures will be very high calorie, and, accordingly, you may receive the same free radicals. Although to a lesser extent than butter. Frying is better than olive oil because it is the only oil that prevents free radical formation at high temperatures," he told radio Sputnik Irina Berezhnaya.