The US state Department presented a report on "Russian propaganda"

The Department of state published on Wednesday the report "Foundations of the Russian system of misinformation and propaganda" which sistematizirovat his concept of "Russian propaganda" under the definition of "propaganda", in particular, summed up the Russian media with state funding.

In particular, as examples of disinformation are the headers Sputnik, RIA Novosti, RT, channel one, "Russia 24" and others. In particular, an example of disinformation called publication RIA Novosti "(British Prime Minister) Johnson will conduct an artificial ventilation of the lungs". Evidence that this misinformation is not given.

According to the state Department, "Russian disinformation" opposed to organized efforts that directly intend to help US.

The US state Department requested 138 million dollars of the budget in 2021 on "countering disinformation and propaganda from the Russian side". The Kremlin and the Russian foreign Ministry in the past has repeatedly denied the accusations against Russia of disinformation.

In the US there is state Agency for foreign broadcasting, the parent company of "voice of America" and radio "Liberty/Free Europe", which the Ministry of justice has included in the list of registered as foreign agents, along with other media. The organization, which since 1994 was called the Board of governors on issues of broadcasting (BBG), was renamed in 2018 in the U.S. Agency for global media (USAGM). Within it are produced the TV program, but almost exclusively for Internet broadcasting. The Agency is entirely financed from the budget of the United States, in 2017, its expenditures amounted to 748 million dollars.