Audit chamber to check its own performance for the 2019

The audit chamber checked his own execution of the budget in 2019 and found no violations, according to the message of Department.

Income office in 2019 amounted to 10.3 million rubles, and expenses - 4.6 billion rubles, the amount of unused funds - 3.7% of the appointed means of the Federal budget.

"The amount of outstanding accounts chamber in 2019 of limits of budgetary obligations made up 703,2 176 thousand rubles, or 3.7% from the budget target (758,3 4 796 thousand) and are listed in the Federal budget", - said the Agency.

The largest amount of cash expenses of the accounting chamber in 2019 (39,5%) in the fourth quarter. Uneven performance is due to conditions of the concluded contracts on performance of works and rendering of services and payment of premiums at the end of the year.

As noted by SP, with the loyalty and objectivity of the results of execution of the budget office monitors the main control management of the President.