In the first film Harry Potter magic wands were replaced by pistols

On YouTube posted a video in which the authors of the project Harry Potter With Guns removed from the film "Harry Potter and the philosopher's stone" (2001), all the magical attributes, including magic wands, replacing them with a firearm.

So, instead of the Deluminator, which collects the light of Professor Dumbledore just shoots at the light, Hermione forgets about the spells, and resolves all issues with the gun, and Harry Potter in the "Shop Building" selects not a magic wand, and military weapons.

To create such a film, which is called "Harry Potter with a gun" (Harry Potter with guns), enthusiasts took five years. The full version can be viewed on the website Potter With Guns.

It turned out that the authors of the movie, when "given" to the main characters of a good story in hand guns and rifles, we had to make you think: not too often in Hollywood show the weapon.

They also posted a detailed manual, which says all you need to do in order to help stop the violence with weapons.